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Alerts & Impact Analysis

Decision-makers must face the cruel reality of a fast-changing business environment today. Natural disasters, changes in government policy, raw material prices and competitive landscape among other things keep bankers and industry leaders on their toes. A team of analysts and economists at SMERA Knowledge Center aims to provide an independent and unbiased account of such events and their impact on businesses and the Indian economy. We believe such analysis and alerts can play a vital role in mitigating risks arising from such events.

04-Dec-17SMERA view on Fifth bi-monthly MPC meet
04-Dec-17Q2 GDP growth signals economic revival
29-Nov-17Credit offtake hints at recovery in business activities
20-Nov-17Sovereign rating upgrade reinforces strength of Indian economy
16-Nov-17Sept IIP numbers mark solid growth outlook of manufacturing sector
13-Nov-17Further steps on GST to boost consumption
25-Oct-17Banks’ recapitalisation package hugely positive for the economy
09-Oct-17Significant relief for micro and small enterprises in GST structure
04-Oct-17Core sector marks recovery in industrial production
28-Sep-17Stronger export growth to benefit MSMEs
25-Sep-17Food grain production growth to remain positive
15-Sep-17CPI likely to remain firm in H2, 2017
13-Sep-17Tyre and automobile industry may face margin pressure
09-Sep-17Cattle Feed industry likely to witness strong demand
07-Sep-17Appreciation of Indian rupee - likely impact for MSMEs
01-Sep-17Consumption to drive India’s GDP growth
28-Aug-17Corporate bond issuances by Indian cos register robust growth
23-Aug-17Engineering sector may have a trade surplus by end of FY18
18-Aug-17SAMPADA scheme will play a major role in shoring up agri sector
17-Aug-17Economic Survey, Volume II, 2016-17
14-Aug-17Industrial production index - June, 2017
10-Aug-17World Economic Outlook
04-Aug-17Monsoon Report July 2017
02-Aug-17Third RBI Bi-Monthly Policy Meeting
01-Aug-17India’s coal production and import will fall due to bettering station heat rate
29-Jul-17Anti-Dumping Duty
27-Jul-17Cotton production sets record over the previous years.
21-Jul-17Sports industry and post-GST scenario
17-Jul-17India’s trade balance remains steady at -$12.9 bn
13-Jul-17Consumer Price Index & IIP: June, 2017
11-Jul-17Industry status to agriculture sector
08-Jul-17Benefits of Indo-Israel Partnership to be pan-industry
04-Jul-17Post-demonetisation, cement companies bounce back
28-Jun-17Monsoon Report June, 2017
24-Jun-17In FY15/16, operating expenses grew much slower as compared to profits for Indian cos
21-Jun-17Performance of private companies remained uneventful
19-Jun-17India's Insolvency and Bankruptcy Framework
16-Jun-17Fed rate hike unlikely to impact capital flows and exchange rate over medium term
14-Jun-17IIP numbers suffer due to persistently high inventory levels in the system
09-Jun-17RBI’s second bi-monthly monetary policy statement
05-Jun-17A larger WPI deflator responsible for lower than expected Q4 growth.
29-May-17Government's new procurement policy
26-May-17China’s current capacity cut downs and lower inventories helping Indian exports
23-May-17GST & Select Sectors (Part 1)
19-May-17Cotton spot to breach Rs, 45,000 per candy threshold
17-May-17Appreciating Rupee may be encouraging imports; India’s trade deficit reaches 28-mth high
15-May-17Capital Goods category's ‘Work in Progress’ will change the way we look at this category
13-May-17Expansion of core inflation a cause of concern
11-May-17Credit offtake marginally improves in April 2017 after bottoming out in Feb
09-May-17French election results point towards ECB raising rates in the near term
05-May-17Banking Regulation Act amendment will help break the Twin Balance Sheet deadlock
04-May-17FY17 may end with a solid industrial growth in Q4
02-May-17Cement Industry contracts first time in 12 years.
29-Apr-17Defence capital expenditure is set to increase by over 80% by 2020
28-Apr-17Profitability of food processing industry improves
25-Apr-17Consumer Durables category expected to grow by 10% in FY18 and beyond
24-Apr-17Sugar price unlikely to fall significantly in FY18, despite duty free imports
21-Apr-17Corporate top lines may be positively impacted by rising inflation
19-Apr-17Credit offtake grows by 3.3% in Feb 17
17-Apr-17External sector performance pointing towards solid global demand
13-Apr-17IIP for Feb 2017 contracts by (-) 1.2%
11-Apr-17India’s logistics sector will be overhauled due to GST & dedicated corridors
08-Apr-17Lead prices are expected to remain high in FY18
06-Apr-17RBI holds repo rate at 6.25% under Liquidity Adjustment Facility
05-Apr-17Consumption of petroleum products likely to grow at 5% in FY17
03-Apr-17Core sectors expand by just 1% in Feb 2017
31-Mar-17Oil seeds production likely to increase by around 25% in FY17
28-Mar-17Neem Coated Urea Policy has a positive impact on agricultural yields
25-Mar-17Rubber prices fall due to excess global supply
24-Mar-17Leather industry may be affected by UP govt’s decision to ban illegal slaughter house
23-Mar-17Steel prices likely to firm up
21-Mar-17India’s Net FDI reached to $34 billion till Jan FY17
20-Mar-17G20 Finance Ministers unable to reach consensus on free trade
18-Mar-17Sectoral Credit Deployment for January 2017
17-Mar-17Inflation at consumer level for Feb 2017 is pegged at 3.7%
16-Mar-17Fed raises target range of Federal Funds Rate to 0.75%-1.00%; impact on rupee marginal
14-Mar-17IIP expands by 2.7% in Jan 2017, highest since Oct 2015
09-Mar-17Performance of Listed Non-Government, Non-Finance companies
07-Mar-17Services and Manufacturing PMI indexes (Feb 2017)
06-Mar-17C-GST and I-GST bills passed
02-Mar-17Core Industry Growth (January 2017)
28-Feb-17Ministry of Statistics pins GVA Q3 2017 at 6.7%
27-Feb-17RBI has set its Reference Rate at Rs. 66.72 Vs. US$
25-Feb-17Gold prices up by 9.47%
24-Feb-17Horticulture Items (Fruit & Vegetable Prices)
23-Feb-17Solar park & ultra mega solar power scheme capacity doubled to 40 GW
22-Feb-17New project completions in Q3FY17
20-Feb-17The Economic Survey 2015-16
17-Feb-17Commercial vehicles companies start Q4 on a dismal note
16-Feb-17Trade Data (January 2017)
15-Feb-17Cotton prices jump by 30%
14-Feb-17Cement production recorded a sudden decline of (-) 8.7% in Dec 2016
13-Feb-17CPI recorded a historically low growth of 3.17% in Jan 2017
11-Feb-17Consumer Durables category recorded negative growth in December 2016
10-Feb-17Electronics industry receives an investment of Rs. 1.28 lakh crore
09-Feb-17RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee
07-Feb-17Leather & footwear industry gets a boost
01-Feb-17Sector Alert: Steel
30-Jan-17Sector Alert: Fertilizer
28-Jan-17Sector Alert: Copper Prices
27-Jan-17RBI’s Industrial Outlook Survey of Q3FY17
25-Jan-17 Sector Alert: Pharmaceuticals
20-Jan-17Sector Alert: Sugar Prices
19-Jan-17Sector Alert: Rubber Prices
10-Dec-16RBI Monetary Policy, Dec 08, 2016
23-Sep-16Pulse production in 2016-17
23-Jul-16Monsoon report
15-Jun-16NPAs & its impact on banking assets
09-May-16Deficient monsoon's impact on Marathwada agro economy
06-Apr-16Assessing India's trade vulnerability to currency shocks
01-Mar-16Budget 2016-17: Impact on MSMEs
03-Feb-16Poor credit offtake contributing to low inflation
20-Jan-16West Bengal & Eastern India to contribute 25% to GDP by 2035
05-Dec-15Assessment of Chennai floods & Impact on MSMEs
26-Nov-157th Pay Commission and Public Finances
29-Sep-15RBI's monetary policy and rate cuts
24-Dec-15Impact of bullet train project on MSMEs