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Impact Analysis

Economic events such as policy announcements, monetary policy, government data releases, disasters or trend anomalies that occur, impact investments. Such events are analysed and impact reports are prepared by SMERA Knowledge Centre. While undertaking such research, SMERA primarily focuses on assessing the impact at both the industry and policy levels. The impact analysis write-ups are not only at the macro level but also offer in-depth understanding from every possible angle. Some of the SMERA Impact Analysis Reports include:

Dec 2016Impact Analysis: RBI Monetary Policy, Dec 08, 2016
Aug 2016SMERA Press Release: Pulse production in 2016-17
Jul 2016 Impact Analysis: Monsoon (June-July Period)
Jun 2016Impact Analysis: NPA & Impact on banking assets
May 2016Impact Analysis: Deficient Monsoon's impact on Marathwada agro economy
Apr 2016Assessing India's trade vulnerability to currency shocks
Mar 2016Impact Analysis: Budget 2016-17 on MSMEs
Feb 2016Poor Credit Offtake contributing to low inflation
Jan 2016Impact: West Bengal & Eastern India to contribute 25% to Indian GDP by the year 2035
Dec 2015Assessment of Chennai floods & Impact on MSMEs
Dec 2015Impact of Bullet Train project on MSMEs
Nov 2015Impact Analysis: 7th Pay Commission and Public Finances
Sep 2015Impact Analysis: RBI's Monetary Policy & Rate Cuts
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