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Why SMERAites are proud of their job? Here is what they say…

Because I get the opportunity to speak my mind and that helps me get my work done smoothly and keep myself engaged in making the process better

Ashvini Sharma

Because I am in the field what I chose to be in and working with SMERA has only helped me to understand in-depth about my field which would have not been possible elsewhere

Nimya Nair

Because we are getting payment for our learning

Sajad Hassan

Because SMERA has given me a bigger responsibility of handling larger region, a large team .In SMERA I have been able to feel like a family member amidst all SMERAaites. I feel proud of every little success that we achieve as a family and share with each other unlike other big organisations which may lack the human touch

Rituparna Roy

Because of our uniqueness, our structure, products, hierarchical formation, respect from customer and banker and mainly because it provides growth and learning, that we come across during our day to day job

Bhavesh Gupta

Because not one day with SMERA goes as unproductive. Working with SMERA makes me proud as I had never imagined meeting management of large corporates, executing credit rating for listed companies and presenting the same in front of some of the best professionals in the industry. I am proud of my job as it has helped me hone not only my professional skills but also personal

Hina Gupta

Because for someone who just entered the corporate world, I think I have numerous reasons to be proud of my job. From not having a very fancy image of corporate since college days. Now that I am in this phase ,it makes me count of my blessings. Not only for the good people I have met here but the amount of knowledge I have acquired in the span of just 3 months. Too early to judge but I can say with Pride "I look forward for Mondays with a smile

Shraddha Naik

Because as part of HR, I have the power to give employment to people in such a country like India where people fight for employment. In SMERA I am blessed with people who have supported me with everything. Good learning opportunity and growth opportunity. Good exposure with senior people as the same opportunity you won't get in any other organisation

Shreya Dsilva